Posted by Bernice Léger on Mar 01, 2020
In recognition of the dental assistants recognition week, 5 members from each local and 5 members provincially will receive a $25 gift.
Lauren Ryan, Christine Jardine, Ashley Coughlin, Isabelle Bérubé, Mélissa St-Amand
Moncton local
Joleigh Dutcher, Janette Matheson, Lana Harrison, Justine Young, Jessica O'Donnell
Fredericton local
Hanna Player, Holly Perley, Erika Yeomans, Rachel Beaver, Elizabeth O'Donnell
Saint John local
Suzanne Caines, Tammy Norrad, Elisha Weaver, Tara Davenport, Florinda Smyrl
North Shore local
Nadine Levesque, Véronique O'Brien, Catherine Sealy, Tobi Trask, Wendy Sullivan
Upper Saint-John River Valley
Amy Lapointe, Melissa Watson, Véronik Haché-Lanteigne, Noémie Sirois, Caroline Duguay
Congratulations to the winners and have a great week!